Do Whole House Humidifiers Really Work?

You’ve made a significant investment in your home by installing an HVAC system. While you certainly enjoy the ability to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round, you may not have considered how a whole house humidifier can impact your health and home.

whole house humidifiers

Do whole house humidifiers really work?

The short answer is yes, but the question is in what ways? Here are a few ways that adding an April Aire Humidifier can improve your indoor environment, and add value to your home.

Protect the interior of your home from dry air damage

The temperature inside your home may feel comfortable, but have you considered how humidity (or lack thereof) impacts your belongings? Dry air in your home can cause wood furniture and flooring to become brittle and susceptible to damage.

Signs of dry air damage include cracks in furniture or cabinets, or gaps in wooden floor boards where wood has eroded. On the other hand, too much humidity can cause mold to form throughout your home.

Mold has a nasty tendency to accumulate in places you may not notice, and if left unchecked, mold can become a serious health hazard and destroy the structure of your home. An April Aire Humidifier will help you maintain the moisture level in your home.

Protect and improve your family’s health

Dry air can negatively impact more than just the structure of your home. It can even make you sick! If you experience chronic dry skin and sinus irritation or dryness, your home may have dry air.

An overabundance of humidity in your home can pose other health hazards, such as an increase in allergy sensitivity, or triggering asthma events. Installing a humidifier will bring balance to your indoor environment and better protect your loved ones from potentially serious health conditions.

Establish year-round balance between the outdoors and the interior of your home.

A common misconception among homeowners is that humidifiers are only useful in winter months when the air outside is dry and irritating. The truth is that having a humidifier in use year-round creates a healthy transition between the outdoors and the interior of your home.

During dry seasons, a humidifier will help reintroduce moisture in the air, which in turn creates a more comfortable environment. The hot, muggy summer months can leech outdoor humidity into your home.

Air conditioners will strip the moisture from the air, which may cause the air in your home to become too dry for comfort. An April Aire Humidifier will reintroduce a healthy level of moisture back into your home, providing whole-home comfort.

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