Tips For Wisconsin Homeowners Who Want To Lower Their Energy Bill

Fall may be fast approaching but there are still plenty of warm days ahead to round out the Wisconsin summer season! If your energy bill skyrocketed these last few months, it may be time to consider a new energy efficient air conditioner and furnace. In the meantime, we’ve outlined some energy saving tips to help you close out summer with a thicker wallet!

Energy Saving Tips

Clean your air filters every 30 days. Keeping the air filters in your home clean is one of the easiest and most effective ways of lowering your energy bill. Dirty air filters cause stress on your air conditioner and make it difficult to reach your desired temperature. Air filters should be cleaned or replaced every 30 days. It can be tough to remember to clean or replace air filters every month, so consider adding a note to your calendar or creating a reminder in your phone.

Keep the area around your AC unit clear. If you have an exterior AC unit, check the surrounding area to make sure trees, bushes or other obstructions are cleared away from the air conditioner unit. Overgrowth and obstructions can cause your AC to work harder than it needs to.

Set your thermostat between 75 and 78 degrees. That may sound a bit too toasty, but setting your air conditioner between 75 and 78 degrees can save you significant amounts of money. The closer your interior temperature matches the temperature outside, the less your air conditioner has to work. Consider purchasing upright fans or box fans to help circulate air throughout your home.

Make sure your fans are spinning in the correct direction. During the summer months you should set your ceiling fan blades to rotate counterclockwise. This will push cool air down and help keep temperatures in the room comfortable.

Avoid the stove and oven. This tip is probably a no brainer-- not many folks want to eat hot and heavy meals during the warmer summer months. But if you find yourself craving something that needs to go in the oven, consider using a smaller toaster oven unit, or the microwave. Using the stove or oven can raise the temperature in your kitchen and adjacent rooms 10 degrees or more, which puts added strain on your air conditioner to keep up.

Hang your clothes to dry outside. Avoiding your dryer in the summer can save you significant sums of money each month. Consider hanging your clothes to dry outside. Not only will you save on energy, you’ll get an added bonus of that fresh outdoor scent!

Switch to LED light bulbs inside and outside your home. Traditional incandescent light bulbs generate a lot of heat which in turn raises the temperature in your home. LED bulbs produce half as much heat as incandescent bulbs and use approximately 75% less energy. Even more impressive, LED light bulbs can last up to 50 times longer than incandescent lights and 10 times longer than CFL bulbs, saving you even more money over time.

Keep your windows covered. Use curtains or retractable blinds to keep the sun from beaming into your home for extended periods of time.Undressed windows let lots of sunshine into your home which can raise the temperature quickly and put added stress on your air conditioner. If you have a lot of windows that face south, cover your windows during peak brightness (2pm - 6pm).

Lennox Energy Star Products

Jackson Hardware Heating & A/C is a Lennox-trained & certified dealer with over 50 years of experience. We’ve worked with numerous HVAC systems over the years and while there are many powerful and affordable air conditioners on the market, Lennox leads the way in quality, affordability and efficiency. Lennox provides industry-leading warranties and we back our installation with an additional 2 year labor warranty.

When choosing a new air conditioner homeowners look for quality, affordability and a unit that can save them money over time. No other manufacturer provides these benefits quite like Lennox and their Energy Star® qualified units. Energy Star® is a government-sponsored program aimed at helping homeowners find products that save energy. Purchasing an Energy Star rated air conditioner can reduce your energy bill and provide significant cost savings over time.

Lennox offers 9 air conditioners that are Energy Star Qualified. The Lennox Signature Collection are the most precise and quietest air conditioners offered by Lennox. The Elite Series are high-efficiency units offered at a mid-range price level. The Merit Series are Lennox’s most affordable air conditioners that provide affordable and efficient cooling with an Energy Star designation.

Mini-Split systems by Lennox provide healing and cooling capabilities and are Energy Star qualified. Mini Split air conditioners are ideal for homeowners who only want to heat or cool specific areas in the home. These compact and affordable units are a great alternative to a central heating and cooling system.

Air Conditioner Rebates

As the summer months wind down, now is the best time of year to take advantage of the great rebates offered by Lennox, and additional savings and discounts from Jackson Hardware Heating & A/C. Our promotions page is updated regularly with the latest savings available on Energy Star qualified Lennox air conditioners and furnaces.

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