How to Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

Inspect Your Furnace and Settings

One of the first things you should do is find a temperature you can be comfortable with, and let your heating system maintain that temperature consistently. Turning the heat on and off during the day can put a strain on the system and increase energy costs when your furnace works “overtime” to bring a cold room back up to your preferred temperature. Maintaining a consistent temperature will lower the strain on your furnace and reduce energy costs and consumption.

Energy Efficient Furnace Jackson

As the cold rolls in, you and your family will be spending more and more time in your home. This means that autumn is the perfect time to have maintenance done on your heating system. The following checklist will help to ensure your furnace doesn’t break this winter.

Newer thermostat systems offer features like adaptive heating and individual room settings to give you greater control. If you have a wireless thermostat or smart home system, make sure you change the batteries out each season.

Keep Your Heating Vents Clear

If not properly cleaned, intake vents can become blocked by dust and debris. This blockage prevents your heating system from taking in enough air, leading to an increased strain on the system. You might notice this through a lack of air being pushed out through return vents or overheating of the boiler. Either way, these obstructions reduce efficiencies and can drastically increase your heating costs.

These obstructions can also take the form of storage or furniture. You want to give your vents sufficient space to take in fresh air, so clear some room between the vent and your belongings.

Check and Change Your Furnace’s Air Filter

Have you checked all of your home vents and cleared airways but still aren’t getting adequate airflow? Your next step should be to go searching for your HVAC system’s air filter. These are often found near your unit’s blower. If you have trouble locating it, try consulting your unit’s manual.

Once you’ve located and removed your old filter there are two things you can do:

  1. Disposable filters can be found at any hardware or home improvement store. Consider keeping an extra filter or two on hand in case of emergencies.
  2. If it is a reusable air filter, it can be wiped or rinsed off in a sink or bathtub. If you need a new filter, take note of the size, which is often found posted on the unit itself, or in the manual.

Call a Professional Heating Specialist

If you are unable to diagnose and fix your heating system yourself, or if problems persist, then you may need to get an expert to help you. While routine cleaning/maintenance of your heating system is important, hiring an HVAC professional can quickly and effortlessly assess your home’s situation and provide service that makes your home warm all winter without paying an arm and a leg in heating costs.

If you feel your heating system is running inefficiently or not providing the heat you need, the experienced HVAC technicians at Jackson Hardware Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help. Give us a call right away at 262-677-3477 so we can get in and get your system optimized before winter’s cold fronts are upon us.


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