Why Spring is a Good Time to Install a Garage Heater

Wisconsin Springtime is just around the corner which means now is the time to start those projects you’ve been dreaming about all winter long.

Whether you’re diving into your next home improvement venture, getting back into your hobbies, or doing some spring cleaning, your garage or shop will likely be a focal point for most of your work.  

Knowing that the season of sun and warm weather is upon us, you might not be thinking about installing a new shop or garage heater. However, now might actually be the best time to do it.

Why Install A Heater Now?

Despite the warmer Spring days, there can still be a bit of a nip during the evenings and nights, or even the potential for those early morning frosts.

We all know there’s nothing more annoying than that chilly jaunt between the car to the warmth of your house. Even worse is experiencing a biting breeze for hours on end while working on an outdoor project, or having numb fingers when trying to complete an intricate activity.

You should be able to make the most of your garage or workspace whenever you want to use it. In order to ensure that it remains at a comfortable temperature day or night, no matter the season, an investment in a quality garage heater can make this a reality.

Even though a garage heater can still prove to be useful during the Spring, now is usually the down time of year for most heating service providers. This means their schedules are typically a bit more open than normal and you have less competition for booking an expert installer.  Planning ahead for next winter and having your new heater installed now could not only help you maximize your Spring work time, but help you and your installer find the perfect spot in both your schedules for your work to be completed.

Furthermore, Spring is also tax season and that extra cash in your pocket is great for home improvement work. Investing it in a new garage heater can make all that other work you’re planning on doing much more comfortable to complete, so why not call the heating experts at Jackson Hardware Heating & A/C and schedule your installation today!

Lennox Natural Gas & Propane Garage Heaters

Jackson Hardware has been an authorized Lennox dealer for over 100 years. We have sold, installed, and serviced Lennox propane and natural gas garage heaters throughout Washington and Ozaukee county for more than three decades.

Available in multiple sizes, Lennox garage heaters feature a low-profile design with a wide range of capacities for garages of every size and application. They offer a safer and more reliable option than electric powered space heaters and other portable garage heaters, meaning you can have the ideal mix of warmth, comfort and safety.

With residential heating power between 30,000 - 75,000 BTU/h, a new heater can provide you with enough warm air for anything from a small garage or shop, to a large multi-car garage.  Lennox heaters also come standard with safety features including gas valves with 100% safety shut off, limit control switches that provide overheat protection, flame rollout switches, and flame sensors, meaning you can feel secure leaving your heater on even if you’re away from home.

Lennox heaters also have the added benefit of eliminating the adverse effects of cold engine starts, which can help your vehicle’s lifespan, fuel economy, and reliability. Plus, integrated combustion air inducers help remove carbon and prevent dangerous carbon monoxide emissions, giving you an extra layer of safety in your home.

Already Have A Garage Heater?

Before you shut your garage heater off and forget about it for the rest of the year, it might be a good idea to have an expert give your unit a once over. This is especially true if you started noticing that your heater may not have been performing as well as it should have been towards the end of the winter season.

In order to make sure your heating system is performing at maximum efficiency when you need it most, scheduling some yearly preventative maintenance is important. Having an experienced HVAC technician, like the experts at Jackson Hardware Heating & A/C, perform a full checkup on your heating system regularly can address small problems before they become big ones. Your annual maintenance will also improve the efficiency of your heating system, and that could mean lowering your bills all year long!

If you haven’t had your garage heater serviced for a while, now is the right time to call.

The HVAC experts at Jackson Hardware Heating & A/C are here to help you choose the right option for your garage heating needs, or to ensure your current system is running smoothly. Whether you have questions about garage heater installation costs, maintenance, or general heating options for your garage, feel free to contact us, or call us 24/7 at (262) 677-3477.

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