How to Choose the Best Garage Heater

As you enjoy the beauty and comfort of the late fall season, take a moment to consider planning ahead for the cold months. Winter will be here before you know it! Is your garage prepped and ready for the long Wisconsin winter? Whether you plan on working in your garage this winter or need to protect your belongings from damaging temperatures, consider installing a garage heater to keep your space comfortable and functional.

Choosing the best garage heater brand

Lennox offers the most reliable garage heaters on the market. Lennox has earned a stellar reputation as a manufacturer of energy efficient and affordable units for safely heating your garage and home. There are three garage heater models available from Lennox, each with its own unique benefits.

Best garage heater WI

The LF25 heater is an affordable and powerful unit with a capacity of 30,000 to 105,000 BTUh and offers an efficiency rating of up to 83.8% AFUE (the measurement of how efficiently the unit can utilize fuel). This unit can handle the most extreme Wisconsin winter, and can comfortably regulate the temperature of a 4-car garage.

LF25 Lennox garage heater

Lennox’s LF24 garage heater offers output levels of up to 75,000 BTUh and comes with an industry-leading 5 year limited parts warranty and 10 year heat exchanger warranty. This unit can also handle the heating requirements of garages up to 4-car capacity.

Lennox’s LF24 garage heater

Need something more powerful? Lennox offers a high heat output garage heater.

The T-Class TUA separated combustion garage heater has a thermal efficiency rating up to 82%. This unit is ideal for garages that may be more difficult to heat due to poor insulation. The TUA garage heater can run on propane or natural gas.

We understand that you may not know which Lennox garage heater is ideal for your space. There are additional factors to consider such as total square footage, how insulated your garage is, and how you intend to utilize your garage.

For over 30 years our expert technicians have helped Wisconsin homeowners throughout Washington and Ozaukee counties find and install the best garage heater for their unique set of needs

Benefits of installing a garage heater

Installing a garage heater can protect against damage to pipes, vehicles and appliances.

Most days it can be hard enough to find the motivation to climb in the car and head in to work! Rushing from your warm home into a frigid garage and car adds another layer of discomfort to your morning routine. Cold temperatures can also cause your tire pressure to decrease and your battery to deplete. Garage heaters create a pleasant environment for you and your vehicle, and protect your car from sudden damage.

Furthermore, if your unheated garage is not properly insulated or you have exposed pipes, you are at risk of your pipes freezing and bursting. This can cause considerable flood damage to your garage and other areas of your home.  Appliances that are stored in your garage are also at risk of being damaged by cold temperatures.

Prevent drafts from entering your home

If you have a home with an attached garage, the garage acts as a buffer between the elements and your home. If your garage is not heated, you’ll experience uncomfortable drafts as you come and go through your garage. A propane garage heater can more efficiently manage the temperature of your entire property.

Adding a garage heater can also increase your home’s value. With long, cold winters, Wisconsin home buyers know the importance of having a comfortable and protected garage. By installing a gas garage heater, you can give your home a leg-up over other homes in your neighborhood, and perhaps command a higher listing price.

Create a comfortable space to work in

Whether you’re a DIY’er, hobbyist or you are looking to spend more time in your garage working on projects, you need a garage heater to be able to tolerate the colder months. Many homeowners look for opportunities to expand their livable space at an affordable cost, and heated garages are a great opportunity to maximize square footage that you may not have considered before.

Insulating and adding a garage heater gives you the opportunity to convert your garage into a workspace, exercise room, laundry room or a craft space.

Factors to consider before purchasing a garage heater

Have you taken a close look at your garage lately? Is the weather-stripping intact? Are there gaps or spaces between the garage door and frame that might let debris or air in? How insulated is your garage? Is your entire garage finished (walls and ceiling)? These are important factors to consider because they all play a role in how well a garage heater can perform.

If you you’re looking to install the best possible garage heater in an outbuilding or detached garage or shop, you should also consider how insulated the structure is. Pole buildings are ideal for use as workshops or storage space, but if you didn’t insulate them at the time they were built, a garage heater may have to work harder to keep the space comfortable.

If your garage is in need of repair or insulation, you may need to address those areas of concern before installing a garage heater.

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